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Avoid the DAS

IMG_63579522186115 Good Morning America! See the problem with words that usually end with DAS are usually the words that keep us from reaching are full potential or the results of us not taking action to further ourselves, If I WOULDA did this, I COULDA did that, I SHOULDA did this…..all those words are non-verb anti-action type words that people use when they aren’t sure what to do, make a move, avoid the DAS, stay confident and GO YOU!

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Good Morning America!

Good Morning America! In 1945 Percy Spencer discovered the microwave, in 1928 Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, in 1913 Harry Brearley discovered stainless steel but discovered is the keyword here because they didn’t invent these things they just took notice of and payed attention to something that was already there…so the question now is, when are you going to take notice of what is already there? The passion, the ingenuity, the boldness, the meticulousness, the ability 2 see things from a different view, the most important discovery that you can make is yourself, discover your inner strengths and GO YOU!